Professional Services

Solution Design & Deployment

Maverick One is ready to deliver our one-of-a-kind consulting approach to clients in the greater Kansas City area.

We help businesses solve process inefficiencies and pain points in a wide variety of paper intensive processes.

Our recommended document capture and management systems will provide numerous benefits directly in line with the unique needs of today’s small to medium sized businesses.

Maverick One will lead the way in showing you how your business can…

  • Automate capture of documents from multiple e-mail, fax, and paper sources
  • Provide sender confirmation of e-mailed documents
  • Extract business data from AP invoices, HR applications, sales contracts, and more
  • Establish document workflows for any department or process
  • Reduce processing time during coding, approval, review, etc.
  • Increase team visibility of received documents from multiple locations or devices
  • Create document archives when and where required
  • Deploy auditing methods and reporting tools for analysis

Let us design and deploy a complete document capture and management solution capable of providing these benefits and more. Measurable optimization in the processing of documents vital to your business is closer and more affordable than ever.

Vision, experience, and ability to execute are critical factors when choosing a partner to trust. This is especially true when optimizing processes vital to your success. Put our highly focused experience to work today. Maverick One can and will deliver in meeting your expectations.

Provider Engagement

Maverick One proudly stands upon the solid foundation of selected providers who are essential when creating robust and effective document management systems for today’s small to medium sized businesses.

We are passionate about leveraging our strong relationships with these best-in-class providers. We want to lead the way in offering unparalleled value to our clients.

We build and deliver solutions using the following suite of software products:

With these software products at the heart of Maverick One designed solutions, we will deliver the required functionality for your document processing needs at a highly attractive price.

End-User Training

Once your document management solution is in place and fully tested, we can help train all users for a successful go live. We are advocates of structured on-site training to re-enforce the knowledge transfer process.

The systematic approach to processing documents within these products will likely be a new experience to many users within our target market of small to medium sized businesses.

Let us create an ideal training plan to address the unique needs and educational requirements for each user group. We want to play a vital role in helping each user find the most value throughout the entire solution.